12 March 2020, publish their new psychedelic blues-rock album. The renowned musicians contributed, singer and actor David Kraus, keyboard player Jakub Doležal (Hudba Praha), Mirek Linhart (5 P L. Pospíšila), Kamil Kyzlík (Marta a Tena).


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In March 2019,  Špinaví Lůzři - Dirty Losers (backyard blues) publish their online album with songs about internet dating, neighborhoods of Prague black quarter Žižkov, beautiful ice-cream women and other life themes. The album is based on songs with unconventional themes and is called „Lost dirty losers“. The reason of the name is simple: it is a lost record, originally identifiedas a waste, but after three years it was successfully finished with sound influencedby American music of the 1960s, bothwith English and Czech lyrics.

The renowned musicians contributed, great pianist Jakub Doležal (blues and jazz bands Ondřej Pivec organic quartet, Jan Kořínek, Vladimír Mišík and Hudba Praha), Mirek Linhart (Yo-Yo band, Žáha), Kamil Kyzlík (Marta a Tena) and young Brazilian singer Heloisa Fernandez.

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OUR CD 2016 - Špinaví Lůzři


It´s possible to buy our album two ways:


1) Online through Wix player here or at our Bandcamp profile.


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Part of our gig at Bernfest festival 2016.

Badysfest 2015.

Unppluged gig at Cafe na půl cesty 2012.